This collar of peacock pearls and amethysts mixed with silver is just the sort of necklace I could imagine Diane Lockhart and Jessica Pearson getting into a high-minded tussle over.

I often watch the glamorous senior partners of TV’s A-list law firms — The Good Wife and Suits — with an eye to the sort of power necklace I’d put on those elegant necks.

Yes, I do call that kind of TV viewing research.


The wonderful designer suits and dresses are half the fun of these shows about fantasy law firms. And I get distracted imagining necklaces that would complement the outfits and the characters. Half the time I have no idea what is going on in Suits because I’m thinking, “Ooooh, good dress.”

I do wish some stylists would pay more attention to jewellery too. Good jewellery has some presence. It’s subtle, in the way a good fabric or a well-cut suit is subtle, but it makes all the difference in conveying a character’s power on screen. Especially in the era of high def TV.


As Suits’ costume designer Jolie Andreatta told Slate magazine, all the actors are decked out in designer duds — even everyone’s favourite high-powered secretary, Donna, played by Sarah Rafferty — to give the show its luxe look.

“Quality does show on camera: the fabric, the way it stands up,” Andreatta said.

That’s true of jewellery too. The subtle glow of freshwater pearls and the patina of beautiful silver beads can’t be imitated.



Although I particularly like Rachel Zane’s working wardrobe of pencil skirts and fitted sweaters in a range of neutral tones, when it comes to statement necklaces, senior partner Jessica is the one to watch. Devoted fans of the show have posted Pinterest boards of some of the best looks. And you can find exactly what the characters wore at blogs like

Would Jessica’s plunging neckline pass muster in a Canadian court? I think not. But a good statement necklace can be worn anywhere and with anything from t-shirts to Chanel.