Be warned: Theodora is running the shop while I’m in Hong Kong on a pearl safari, June 19 to July 2.

I have many good things to say about Theodora, who is an excellent model. Patient. Uncomplaining. She is also an excellent co-worker since she’s not too chatty. But if I’m being completely honest I have to admit she is just dreadful at filling orders.


So if you need anything – wedding sets, gifts for grads, birthday presents – I suggest you order them before I leave June 19. I won’t be back to work until July 2.

You can send emails with the request directly to me, or via the shop, all through June. But good luck getting Theodora to wrap it up and send it to you. Really, I have no idea what she does when I’m away.

Maybe she’s growing a little vain? Her first ad is getting some attention.