My newsletter readers come up with some of the best gift ideas for people who seem to have everything, like this one for emergency kits.

On the West Coast we’re all aware that The Big One may hit any moment, but it’s also true that most of us blithely ignore earthquake preparedness. So one reader says that her gift for those who already seem to have everything is a little bit of insurance so they can keep it.



She gives emergency kits including water and food rations. You can make them yourself with the help of the city’s checklist or buy them ready-made. They should include things like a radio, a flashlight, batteries, blankets, candles…

Part of emergency planning is knowing how you will reconnect with friends and family after a disaster. So this writer includes phone numbers for who to meet, where, and who to check-in with outside of the disaster zone.

And this is a really thoughtful touch: she also keeps track of the gifts and updates the food and water as it expires.

“I don’t preach,” she says. “I just quietly prepare.”