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At this time of year I know that many of my pieces are destined to be grad gifts but one of my favourite commissions was a request from a mom for a group grad gift.

Her daughter ran with a posse of five girls who had all been friends since elementary school. The Five Musketeers were due to split up after high school, leaving for different universities, travelling, and work, and they wanted a memento of their time together. 

Tattoos were not out of the question. Mom wanted to forestall that, too. 

Jewellery has always been used as a talisman, so she thought matching earrings would be just the thing to remind the girls of their friends as well as marking their entry into adult life.  

So I made a jewellery wardrobe staple for these young women: pearl drop earrings. Classic, creamy pearls with a silver bead. 


I do endless variations on this earring, in different shades of pearls, since it has always been one of my bestsellers. They suit everyone, go with everything, and aren’t so big that they get in the way of using the phone. Still, they’re eye-catching; substantial enough to wear in the evenings but delicate enough for someone young. And they’re affordable, with prices beginning at $55 depending on the size of the pearls and the silver beads.


Classic round white pearls.


White baroque pearls have an interesting shape that’s a nice alternative to classic rounds. 

But perhaps the loveliest thing about them is that real freshwater pearls and high quality sterling silver will last forever. Pearl drop earrings are timeless, which means these young women will still have those sentimental earrings in their jewellery boxes 50 years from now. 

And a bonus: 50 years from now, pearls and silver will look way, way better than a tattoo. 

My pearl drops range in price from $30 to $160 a pair, depending on the size and rarity of the freshwater pearls and the silver beads. You’ll find lots of these in the shop, but if you’re interested in a group gift let me know, so I can make sure I have enough matched pearls.


Blush baroque pearls and sterling silver accent beads.

You can find more pearl earrings in the shop or if you have something specific in mind, contact me and I’ll create some pearl earrings just for you.