One of the joys of my job is seeing how my pieces become keepsakes.

Brides looking for long-lasting mementoes of the big day often find their way to my workshop, so every year I do a wide range of pearl statement necklaces ideal for finishing a strapless gown on the day or elevating a boring business suit later.

Jewellery really is the one part of your wedding day outfit that you can wear again and again. And freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and sterling silver never lose their beauty, so these necklaces will give joy to the next generation of brides too.

Here are a few pieces from my portfolio that graced the necks of bridal parties.


Freshwater pearl-and-chain necklace with a baroque pearl and vintage coin accents


Pale pink freshwater pearls mixed with sterling silver beads, a rose quartz accent stone and a marcasite clasp.


Blush pink pearls and white meringue pearls mixed with silver and rose quartz.


Faceted white quartz tear drops with a frill of freshwater pearls.


White meringue pearls mixed with silver and moonstone accent.


Grey pearls mixed with lilac amethysts, silver beads, and a marcasite toggle.


Ivory pearls mixed with silver beads, moonstones, and a marcasite toggle.


Pale blush pink pears with a silver bead.


Pink meringue pearls and rose quartz accented with sterling silver.