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Just in time for party season, here’s a treasure trove of tutorials by British make-up artist Lisa Eldridge.

She first caught my attention last year with an astonishing make-up tutorial aimed at women in their mid-60s. In the space of 13 minutes, her model went from looking wrinkled and tired to fresh and vibrant, and the video went viral. She uses light products and a deft hand with eye make-up to achieve a youthful glow despite her model’s heavily lined skin.

What makes this video so useful is that it shows her application techniques, with both her brushes and her fingers. There are lots of tricks anyone can use to do a more professional make-up application. But you have to see the video to believe the transformation.

Eldridge’s site has a wealth of good advice and useful tips. Need to find a great nude lip pencil? She can recommend several. Need to know how to do a smoky eye? Her detailed videos show her brush technique as well as the products she uses.

She has archived dozens of detailed guides on how to update day-to-day make-up looks or prep for a party. And some of it is just plain interesting. In one video she talks about how the Downton Abbey cast gets that historically accurate no-cosmetics look, and gives Laura Carmichael — better known as long-suffering Lady Edith — a polished look with nary a hint of artifice. Then she does her up again for a red carpet event.

Her site is so good that I subscribed to her newsletter.