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When my boys were young Arts Umbrella was a big part of their lives, which is why I’m always happy to donate to the school’s fall fundraiser Splash.

I just packed off one of my favourite pyrite & silver creations for their annual silent auction in October.Image


I chose this necklace because it’s a piece I’m sure will flatter anyone. Pyrite is sophisticated gem with a neutral colour that works well with every skin tone and most outfits. Photos just can’t capture they way it catches the light and glows. The faceted metallic stones have a soft sparkle and mixing them with sterling silver beads brings out their lustre.

The mineral was known as fool’s gold for the way that glint misled novice miners. But I’ll take these subtle stones over yellow gold any day.

The gleam brings a touch of glamour to the simplest black dress, but I really like the way it works with a crisp white shirt. A lot of my clients tell me it’s one of their favourite stones for livening up a business suit.