When I began designing jewellery I never expected that I would be given a privileged glimpse into people’s private lives. But that is what happens every time I get a new commission.

ImageWhether I’m creating a rope of pearls for a bride who is already planning to give the necklace to the daughter she hopes to have, or earrings for someone to wear to a job interview, I’m fascinated by how many people see jewellery as a talisman. Even for the most practical people I know jewellery is a kind of good luck charm. And it is often worn as something that reminds us of who we are as we go out into the world.

We all know that about wedding rings. We’re wearing our commitment in public and reminding ourselves of our partners. But I see people using necklaces, earrings, and bracelets as to remind themselves of family, friends, hopes, goals, and their happiest moments.

And here I thought I was just making something pretty to jazz up a little black dress.